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The 7 best dog-friendly cafés in Perth

Perth is a dog lover’s paradise with many parks, stores, restaurants, and cafes that welcome pets freely. You can find excellent establishments for all kinds of food or decor preferences. Some cafes even provide dog treats, so your pet has something to chew on while humans eat. Here’s a look at some of the best dog-friendly cafes in Perth:


  1.  The Little Concept – Fremantle

The Little Concept is a very welcoming space for dogs of all sizes. All pets are welcome into the outdoor alfresco dining area. You can bring pets indoors if they’re well-behaved or unlikely to disrupt other patrons. The light, healthy meals on the menu are a delight, and you can relish these while your pet can munch on one dollar treats when you visit.


Some of their most popular offerings include red espresso, handmade chai, matcha Mork chocolate, healthy honey cakes, and so much more. The Little Concept is open at 6 AM on weekdays and offers coffee, breakfast, and lunch. It is also open on weekends but welcomes guests after 7.30 AM.


  1. Steam Haus – Maylands 

Steam Haus is very popular with locals because it offers strong coffee and classic kid-friendly breakfast options, and has a great staff too. This cafe is your best bet if you are looking for a pet-friendly place in Perth. The team doesn’t just welcome pets but also showers them with affection. There’s also a separate doggy deck where your puppy can relax while you enjoy excellent coffee with crepes, Caesar salads, cakes, eggs Benedict, etc. Parents love the dedicated kid’s playroom and child-friendly food items.


  1.  Yelo – Trigg

You can guess Yelo is a dog-friendly place just by looking at it. This cafe’s veranda is often full of pets and their owners enjoying the cool ocean breeze. Yelo offers coffee, breakfast, lunch, takeaway, and gluten-free options. You get everything from delicious muffins to savoury wraps. Many pet-owners use it as a pitstop while they’re out walking along Trigg beach.


  1. FurBaby – Westminister 

FurBaby serves breakfast or lunch for both people as well as their pets. They have a wide assortment of pet-friendly baked items like muffins, cakes, biscuits, drinks, etc. This cafe offers modern Australian cuisine with gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. Services like a pet spa, grooming, and pamper salons make this the best dog cafe in Perth by all standards.


  1.  Boo Espresso – North Perth

Boo Espresso is considered a great pet-friendly cafe in Perth because it doesn’t neglect your puppy. While guests savour their mochas or flat whites, their pets can enjoy some delicious puppycinos. These pet-friendly beverages are made from lactose-free milk and are entirely safe for dogs. You can relax in shaded outdoor seating spots while enjoying delicious coffee with some light snacks. Boo Espresso is closed on Sundays but opens on weekdays at 6 AM.


  1. The Little Pantry – Stenton Park

The Little Pantry is for pet-lovers and food lovers. It has a short but versatile menu with dishes from different regions. You can bite into crispy fried artichoke hearts, enjoy a dal makhani bowl, try their delicious French toast, or pick up excellent coffees. This little café has a wonderful owner who loves to surprise fur babies with tasty treats. If you’re looking for a pet café in Perth that offers good food, The Little Pantry is an excellent choice.


  1. Propeller – North Fremantle

Propeller is a great establishment for active, outdoorsy dogs. They have a large, grassy outdoor area where dogs can hop around in the sun. You can choose outdoor seating options or the refurbished indoor dining area to relax. Propeller offers great Middle Eastern food along with some classic breakfast items.

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