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The 5 Best Dog-Friendly Cafes In Tasmania

f you haven’t been to Tassie, you are missing out. It is a beautiful place, with amazing people but isn’t known for its pet-friendly establishments. People struggle to find places where their puppers are welcomed with a smile. Fortunately, we have discovered some cafes that do just that.

Here’s a list of five best dog-friendly cafes in Tasmania.

  1. Jam Jar Lounge – Hobart

Jam Jar Lounge in Battery Point is a family-friendly and pet-friendly cafe in Hobart. It has a warm, welcoming atmosphere that attracts locals regularly and is a favourite breakfast spot with a hipster vibe. There are art-deco lampshades, blackboard menus, and playing cards marking table numbers.

Despite quirky characteristics, Jam Jar Lounge has a simple, comforting menu. You can order delicious French toast, eggs on toast, bircher muesli, eggs Benedict, or a big breakfast option. There’s a vast courtyard just behind the kitchen where pets can roam around. You can enjoy an aromatic coffee and meal while your dog explores the space.

  1. Ingleside Bakery Cafe

Ingleside Bakery Cafe is an old institution that has been around since 1867. It is located in the beautiful Georgian village of Evandale, which is less than 5 minutes away from Launceston Airport. Guests can enjoy fantastic Bruno Rossi coffee, excellent dishes made from local fare, along with some home-made Tasmanian jams, sauces, and wines.

Ingleside has a big courtyard where dogs can play, explore, or enjoy the weather. You can sit by a fire while observing people passing by. This charming dog cafe in Tasmania is perfect for those who like quieter establishments.

  1. Hamlet Hobart Cafe

Hamlet Hobart Cafe is located just outside the Hobart Rivulet Linear Corridor Park, which makes it a great place for pet owners. People can walk a dog before popping in for a delicious meal. The establishment is very spacious with enough room for young mothers and their baby’s prams. Hamlet Hobart Cafe is a social establishment that employs disadvantaged workers.

The staff here is warm, efficient, and always ready to welcome you with a smile. Guests can find great vegetarian or vegan options along with traditional dishes like sourdough toast, eggs Benedict, avocado toast, etc. You can also enjoy freshly-made fruit juices, chai lattes, single-origin coffees, and so much more. Dogs are perfectly content to rest under guest tables outdoors, which makes this a great pet-friendly cafe in Tasmania.

  1. The Duchess Cafe

 If you like English-style breakfast, The Duchess Cafe is an excellent choice. This cozy establishment is a must-visit for people looking for a pet cafe in Tasmania. You can get either indoor or outdoor seating, which is helpful for dog owners.

Indoors can be a little noisy for easily stimulated pets so pick a terrace table if possible. The establishment offers very good vegetarian, gluten-free, or vegan options, including several dishes for children. Locals love their poached eggs, scones, avocado on rye bread, fritters, quinoa salad, and avocado on sourdough.

  1. Room For a Pony

 Room For a Pony really does have enough room, which makes it a very pet-friendly in Tasmania. This establishment is a hidden gem that offers authentic wood-fired pizzas, creamy ricotta crumpets, amazing banana bread, and delicious risottos.

You can also sample some unique food items like mango coconut rice, or pickled sardines. Room for a Pony has a friendly staff that serves meals quickly. The outdoor area is particularly charming with its beanbags. Dog owners can have a blast here.

If you’re looking for good dog-friendly cafes in Tasmania, these options are your best bet. They offer excellent food along with a comfortable environment for everyone, including all four-legged guests.

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