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What is the Baxta Lost & Found?

There aren't many things quite as distressing as when a pet goes missing. 

Lost & Found is an innovative feature available on the Baxta app that helps to bring lost pets safely home to their human. 

In the heartbreaking event that a Baxta user's pet goes missing, they'll be able to report their pet as lost. The Baxta app will ask them several basic identifying questions such as:

  • Breed
  • Colour
  • Last known location
  • Any other important identifications

Once the post is complete, the entire Baxta community will be notified that there's a lost pet and those in your area can keep their eyes peeled. When a user finds their lost pet, they can enter the same details into the app and update the status to Found. In the meantime, if an animal matching the missing pet's description is found by another Baxta user, they'll be given the option to contact the owner. 

We believe this exciting and unique Lost & Found feature will help pet owners reunite with their lost loved ones.

For even more information about what to do when your pet goes missing, check out this post on the Baxta blog. Whether you're in the predicament right now, or simply preparing for the worst just in case, this list of 5 things to do if your pet goes missing is handy for any pet parent to have on hand.

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