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I am a pet business. How can I advertise on your site?

Advertising with Baxta places your business message in the centre of an active audience of pet owners and lovers alike. The Baxta community uses the app to discover places and services, build connections, make considered purchase decisions, and indulge in sharing the beautiful experiences they or others have with their pets. 

Baxta app is designed to meet all your business marketing needs across the sales funnel, from awareness to sales. Focus your advertising spend where your business needs it most.

Grow brand awareness with our Native Ads

Perceptions drive a customer’s willingness to trust your brand, consider it the right fit and eventually invest their money. Baxta’s Native Ads give your business a platform to shape this narrative and nurture future sales. Post articles and videos with links to your website or click-to-call buttons, right inside the customer’s feed. Do you have a good story to tell? Want to turn pet owners into new customers? Baxta’s Native Ads are right for you. 

Generate leads with our Enhanced Business Listing

Designed to give pet owners all the essential information about your business, the Enhanced Business Listing is the ideal advertising format to generate leads, with its clear click-to-call function. Comment on customer reviews, display up to 20 images of your business and even deep dive into the details with video content. With its extra-large display format, your listing will stand out in the noisy world of pets.

Incentivise customers to act fast with our Promotional Wall

Promotions drive potential customers to test your product or service quickly. Choose from a range of promotional ideas like two-for-ones or a free gift with purchase to generate new customer trials, clear your excess inventory or close service booking gaps. Baxta’s promotional wall is a go-to for users seeking already in a buying frame of mind.

Increase conversions with our Push Notifications

The more personalized, frequent and timely your sales message, the more sales you convert. Baxta allows your business to reach customers through notifications to their mobile screen – whether they have the app open or not. Baxta creates a bridge between businesses and pet owners with push notifications that link to a Native Ad, Promotional Wall Ad or Enhanced Business Listing.

To get started, download our Advertising Kit. 

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