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How do I leave a review for a business?

Reviews are important to us, because they let Baxta businesses know what you think of their service, and other Baxta users know which services you personally recommend. Your input helps us improve the Baxta experience every day.

To leave a review, you’ll need to go to the Explore tab, then search and find the business you’re looking for. Once you’ve clicked on the business, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on Leave a Review. Here, you can choose how many stars you want to give them and leave a description. After you click Next, you’ll be prompted to select any tags that fit the business in order to help us categorise it appropriately. If there are no tags on offer, just click Submit.

We appreciate your feedback! Thanks for helping us build a pet-friendly community of trust.

Looking for other pet-friendly businesses to explore while you're at it? Check out the Baxta blog, where we post helpful articles about all kinds of pets and all kinds of pet-related activities.

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