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Baxta explained

How did Baxta start?

Founder Chris Russell met Daisy in 2016, she quickly became a member of the family. Chris realised pet parents want the same things for their animal babies as their human babies: safety, good health, community, and the best resources at hand.

What if there was a safe space just for pets and the people who love them? For sharing experiences, asking questions, giving recommendations and finding others out there with pets just like yours…

What does the name Baxta mean?

Naming our pet app was a bit like naming a pet… everyone had an opinion. It needed to be short and snappy, not too common, and easy to say in a hurry. Someone said Baxta. And it stuck. Baxta is a dog. A cat. A guinea pig. A horse. A kitten. A snake. A teacup pig. A cockatiel. A lizard. A purebred show pet. Or a bitsa you rescued.

What is the Baxta mission?

Feel welcome, feel connected, feel safe. The Baxta team imagined and incarnated this sense of community into a comprehensive app for pets and pet parents. With Baxta, pet and animal lovers can hold hands across the globe, connecting to services, destinations and one another.

Our hope is to give back to various communities by supporting charity partners. And to spark the beginning of a safer world, free from pet and animal cruelty.

What is the Baxta vision?

The Baxta app is for every pet, everywhere. Explore and discover places, resources and services, expert vet advice, lost pet functionality and personal recommendations from other pet people just like you.

Include your pet in the social media experience, by creating their very own Baxta profile. You can share all the cute things they do every day with our global community, enjoying the social side of pet parenting.

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